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Lovebird Trader is a free classifieds advertising service focussed exclusively on lovebirds. Advertising is free of charge. Please follow the notes below when sending through adverts for posting.

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Rules for advertising

  • No other species of parrots will be advertised on this site. This page is exclusively for lovebirds.
  • Both registered breeders as well as hobbyist are welcome to post ads.
  • It would be advisable if potential sellers and buyers could familiarize themselves with the internationally accepted and used names for each mutation and to use them when advertising their birds. This is however not compulsory.
  • Adverts will be deleted after two calendar months, from date of placement or when informed by seller that all birds have been sold.
  • Adverts to sell birds will not be placed without a price, total of birds offered per mutation as well as a contact landline/mobile number. An e-mail address is optional and by itself not sufficient.
  • The prescribed format is compulsory and no deviation will be allowed.
  • Suspect adverts will not be placed.
  • This is a free service compliments of Agapornis Aviaries, we reserve the right to edit or delete adverts that do not conform to our rules.
  • Agapornis Aviaries will not be held responsible for the legitimacy or honesty of advertisers. We encourage all people to proceed with utmost caution before dealing with people who you do not know (and in certain instances, those you do know as well).
  • Even though English is the preferred language of choice, you are welcome to post your advert in Afrikaans.

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